Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.


How do I contact you?

We can be contacted either by phone on 07 888 8162 or via email [email protected]

Where are you?

You will find our workshop at 17 Rockford Street Matamata

How much experience have you had in building boats?

We have had over 35 years in the boat building business.


Are your staff Certified Aluminium Welders?

All of our staff working on the boats are Certified Aluminium Welders.

Will you build the boat that I want?

Yes we build the boat to suit the Customer. All of our boats are custom built.

What type of boats do you build?

We build Custom Built Aluminium Boats for both Recreational and Commercial uses.

What size boat do you build?

Any size boat can be built you are not restricted to standard boat sizes like other companies.

How are your hulls measured?

The hull is measured from rear end of hull side plate to the front point where the actual side sheets start parallel to the keel not including bumper rails, hand rails, fair leads or other protrusions.